ROSE’ All Day

ROSE’ All Day

Spring is nearly here and we all know what that means:  It’s ROSE’ season!!!


Who doesn’t right?  Well, if you’re one of those who haven’t discovered the beautiful qualities of Rose’ let me help you out.

What is Rose’?

Technically Rose’ is just a white wine made from Red grapes.  Rose’ can be made from nearly any red wine varietal.  The color of red wine comes from the skins of the berries and that the longer the juice and the skins hang out together, the darker the color of the wine.  Well, with Rose’ it’s the same – only opposite.

In the industry we call it the “one-night stand” where we only let the skins and the juice hang out together for about 24 hours before the juice is pressed off the skins and the wine is fermented and processed just as one would a white wine.  Read about how Rose’ wines are made here.

Rose’ wines are bright and crisp because of their high acid content and pair deliciously with most foods.  Roses’ can also have varying levels of residual sugar – so if you find one you love that has that hint of sweetness, pair that with your favorite Thai food.

Sugar loves Spice as we say…right after we say Rose’ All Day!


You can book a wine tour with Barrel Wine Tours and sample some of the local Woodinville Rose’.

A Bit about “Bubbles”

A Bit about “Bubbles”

When it comes to food and beverage, there aren’t many things that I love more than Sparkling wine.  To me, “bubbles” as I affectionately call it, can make any day feel special.  Someone asked me the other day when it was that I caught the “sparkling wine bug” – and you know, I couldn’t really answer that question.  I do recall drinking Brut Champagne in my early 20’s but perhaps it was that half-a-glass on New Year’s Eve that my parents poured me that made me fall in love.  I ended up answering the question with “I don’t know…I guess I’ve always loved it”.  And that answer just feels right to me.

Understanding that not all of you drink bubbles every day; I thought this might be a good time to brush up on the sparkling wine terminology.  You know, just in time for when you’ll need it.

  • Extra Brut – This means bone dry. No residual sugar.
  • Brut – Slightly off dry. Very little residual sugar.  Great go-to.
  • Extra Dry – this is where it gets tricky. Extra Dry actually means sweeter.  Not more (or extra) dry.  Blame the French if you’re confused.
  • Demi-Sec – sweet. Drink this with dessert or with spicy food.  Also makes a great intro for beginner wine drinkers.

Sparkling wine pairs with just about any food so it’s my number one recommendation for holiday parties that tend to have many different flavor profiles such as appetizers or pot luck buffet.  No matter what’s being served, Sparkling wine will never let you down.  Oh, and best of all, the leftovers will pair perfectly with breakfast.



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Barrel Wine Tours is searching for dynamic wine industry professionals who are passionate about delivering on the promise of excellence in guest service.  Our model is different than most tour operators, as we are not a transportation company; rather, we are wine professionals with various wine knowledge levels, and fully rooted passion. Do you have the passion to join our team? As a Barrel Wine Tours guide, you’ll provide our guests with the exceptional experiences that Barrel Wine Tours is known for. Your warm and genuine personal attention complements your knowledge of Washington wine.  You ensure guests and partners feel valued and appreciated and leave them with an enthusiastic and memorable impression of Barrel Wine Tours. Responsibilities:
  • Consistently offer professional, friendly and engaging guest service
  • Anticipate guest needs, follow-up on requests, and ensure 100% satisfaction
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of guests and colleagues by maintaining and upholding safety procedures
  • Maintain excellent communication and relationships with area wineries, restaurants and colleagues
  • Maintain excellent knowledge of Washington wine and Woodinville wineries, local facilities and products, restaurants, attractions, events, history, etc.
  • Create and report tour summaries
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Proficiency in English (verbal and written) and ability to work in the US required
  • Ability to work days, evenings and weekends
  • Wine industry experience strongly preferred
  • Must be a team player and possess a positive attitude
  • Minimum TWO years’ guest service experience; in a tourism, hospitality, wine industry
  • Pourers’ permit required
  • Wine-related education/certification a plus (WSET preferred)
  • Social media management experience a plus
  Apply with resume to    Interviews will be held Jan 2, 2019 In person in Woodinville  
Cheers to Thanksgiving!

Cheers to Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I love that it’s not commercialized and that it’s all about the gathering of family and friends. Oh. And food. And wine.

At our house, Thanksgiving is very traditional. You’ll find the TV blasting football and (more…)