Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I love that it’s not commercialized and that it’s all about the gathering of family and friends. Oh. And food. And wine.

At our house, Thanksgiving is very traditional. You’ll find the TV blasting football and me in the kitchen happily cooking up a feast for whomever could join us.  When I host dinner parties throughout the year, I’m known to pair each course with a specific wine. I enjoy doing that because I often get to expose my friends to varietals they’ve never heard of before. But at Thanksgiving – because of the service style and various flavors on the table – I typically choose one white and one red for the table and give everyone two glasses, so they can enjoy both with their meal.

For white, my favorite pairing for Thanksgiving is a dry Riesling. I’ll choose one that’s not seen oak and that has nice acid. Pomum Cellars is one of my local favorites, and at $16 I can pour it for everyone.

For a red wine this year I’m pouring Cinsault. Cinsault is one of my new favorite varietals and I find it to be quite food friendly. Two Vintners makes a delicious 100% Cinsault called “Make Haste”. At just $21 it sells out quickly but the new vintage will be released just in time for your turkey.